Sunday, April 07, 2013

Rising from the Ashes

White Point Beach Resort was in ruins. A fire on November 12, 2011 had burned the main lodge to the ground, a devastating blow to the 83-year-old seaside getaway. For decades, the lodge had housed an impressive dining room and facilities for a variety of entertainment; a history of the resort can be found here. The potential loss of employment sent shockwaves through the Liverpool, Nova Scotia area, since this was a vital employer of both seasonal and year-round workers.

The decision to rebuild was made almost immediately; the owners set up a webcam so that the public could view the progress of the construction.  Incredibly, less than one year later, on November 8, 2012, the doors of the newly rebuilt lodge re-opened. Like a phoenix, the resort had risen from the ashes, bigger and better than ever, more environmentally friendly and accessible, and with an array of new facilities.

The cabins that surround the main lodge remain, some more rustic than others. Rabbits, descendants of pets from a former era, still roam the grounds as living White Point mascots, and the waves still roll in along the beautiful stretch of white sand that gives the resort its name. It's good to see this grand old resort renewed and revitalized, and ready to welcome the public again.

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  1. I have only driven through and that was before the fire. Looks like a wonderful place to stay.