Sunday, January 15, 2012

Homeward Bound.

Little Juno is at home with her new family after a travel adventure yesterday. She was born in Nova Scotia, and was headed for her new home in Newfoundland. Since my travel dates happened to coincide nicely with hers, I was entrusted with the considerable responsibility of being her courier. I met her breeder at the airport and transferred my furry charge into a soft-sided kennel that met airline regulations, then checked in with our airline. At security, a well-trained employee made scanning work as smoothly as possible; there was no rush as she instructed me to get all my other gear ready, then remove Juno from her kennel and walk through with her; she placed the kennel on the belt first, so that it would be the first item through the scanner, ready for Juno's return. The little pup was unfailingly cheerful and curious, even when she decided to demonstrate her projectile vomiting skills through the end of the kennel. The airport cleaner who assisted with the resulting mess was courteous and sympathetic, thank goodness. After a quick cleanup in the ladies' room, Juno and I were on our way again. Both in the departure lounge and on the plane, she was as good as gold, even during a landing that saw us buffeted by strong winds. Her new owner was waiting at the airport, ready to take her home to her new family. Good luck, little one, and have a wonderful time!

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